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DZO Film Pictor Cine Zoom 20-55mm T2.8 EF/PL S35mm Lens

Parfocal CineZoom lens with a unique cinematic image render.

Focus Distance: 50-125mm

T-Stop: T2.8-T22

Image Circle: 31.1mm ( for s35mm sensors )

Close Focus Distance: 2ft 8in/80cm

Iris Blades: 16 blades

Gear/Focus Pitch: 0.8m / 32 Pitch

Filter Size: 86mm

Lens Frot Diameter: 95mm

Size: PL 95mm x 175mm, EF 95mm x 182.9mm

Weight: 3.75lb/1700g

DZO Film Pictor 50-125mm T2.8 PL/EF S35mm Cine Zoom Lens

SKU: DZOPictor50125
Out of Stock
  • DZO Film Pictor 50-125mm T2.8 Super35 Parfocal Zoom Lens 

    Front Lens Cap

    Rear Lens Cap

    Zoom Stick

    Canon EF Mount / ARRI PL Mount

    Limited 1-Year Warranty

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