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Key features:

The following applications are supported when dual camera HDMI feeds are connected to a Mac/PC through IPMAN Gemini Pro:

  • Dual camera HDMI input to IPMAN Gemini Pro. Single USB-C connection to Mac/PC.
  • Use OBS or any other streaming software on Mac/PC to view both HDMI feeds.

When connected to a Mac/PC it would be recognised as an USB camera without the need to install any drivers.

Product Specifications:

HDMI input Dual 4K (up to 30fps), HD (up to 60fps) or 720p (up to 60fps)

USB-C output USB-C male, 1080p30 max.

When connected to Android/Mac/PC through USB-C

Dimensions22mm X 85mm X 15mm (Width x Height x Depth) main unit without cable

Weight33.6 gram (main unit only)


What is in the box?

  • Z CAM IPMAN Gemini Pro (main unit)

Z CAM IPMAN Gemini Pro

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